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✔️Key Takeaways: In-depth coverage of the curriculum, intensive exam practice, interactive Q&A, revision resources, and regular feedback.

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✔️Lesson Duration: 90-minutes, once a week.

✔️Homework resources: downloadable files.

✔️Diagnostic test before the start of the course:

Students take a diagnostic test to assess their exam readiness and receive personalised feedback from the tutor, identifying key areas for improvement and offering recommendations. The test results also serve as a benchmark to track progress throughout course.


Classes take place every Monday during term-time, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM. Detailed Course Programme:

Who is this course for?

This GCSE Maths preparation course is designed to accompany Year 11 students throughout their
academic year to ensure they are thoroughly prepared for their GCSE exams in the summer of

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Why choose LessonWise?

We recognise the transformative potential of tutoring, especially when led by the best tutors. Yet, we understand that tutoring can be a privilege for those who can afford it. Our mission is to democratise access to quality tutoring, ensuring that every child, irrespective of their background, embraces the chance for a brighter future.


The Power of Group Tutoring


By being in a group you are naturally motivated to keep up with the pace of the course and your peers.

Enhanced Thinking

Diverse perspectives challenge and refine your views.

Peer Support

Learn and grow with your peers, fostering collaboration.


Share costs, making lessons more affordable.


Experience heightened interactivity and involvement in group setups.


Get most from group tutoring. Dive back into lesson recordings, ace your revision work swiftly, and collaborate with peers or tutors for insights. This proactive approach shapes you into a robust and resilient learner.


Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the aspirations you have for your child. Our course is sculpted to meet those dreams, ensuring high-quality education that doesn't break the bank.

This course is NOT exam board specific. The content is designed to cover all topic categories of the curriculum: Number, Algebra, Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change, Geometry and Measures, Probability and Statistics. All questions worked out during lessons have been carefully selected to expose students to the level they will face in the Higher Tier GCSE Maths exam. 

Higher Tier 

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2. Expand the GCSE Maths course tile. 
3. Click on "Enter the classroom." 

All our lessons are video recorded, and you are able to access these recordings forever. This means you can revisit the content of your lessons to aid your knowledge retention and consolidation. 

Payment Options

At LessonWise we are dedicated to making quality GCSE Maths tuition accessible and affordable. We understand that different students have varying needs when it comes to online payments, so we offer flexible options to suit your preferences.

1. Upfront Payment Discount: Get started with confidence by paying for the entire course upfront. Enjoy a 10% discount on the regular price, which amounts to £9 per lesson for 33 x 90-minute lessons in total.



2. Monthly Instalments: We also offer the choice to pay in monthly instalments at a fixed rate of £40 per month - or £10 per lesson.

1. Upfront Payment: For students joining the course after the start date, we adjust the upfront payment based on the number of lessons remaining in the course. You'll still benefit from a 10% discount on the remaining lessons if you pay upfront.



2. Monthly Instalments: Similar to the full course option, you can opt for monthly instalments at a rate of £40 per month - or £10 per lesson.

Payment Made Easy

To make your payment process as seamless as possible, we use Stripe, a secure payment gateway that allows multiple payment methods. Whether you prefer to pay with a credit card, debit card, or Apple Pay. Stripe ensures your transaction is safe and hassle-free.

If you have any questions or require further assistance with your payment plan, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your academic success is our priority!

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